Polly Waffles are coming back!


Eleven years after leaving our shelves, Polly Waffles are coming back to boost the Australian economy!

Things have been tough recently, but a nice and unexpected bright light at the end of this Coronavirus tunnel is the return of a once-lost favorite snack.

The famous Australian wafer tube, filled with a fluffy marshmallow log, is returning from the dead.

That’s right. Soon, you will be able to relive your childhood and chow down on a Polly Waffle

The Australian government is putting forward close to $50 million towards manufacturing job creation in the post-pandemic economic climate.

One beneficiary of that money is South Australia-based chocolate and biscuit manufacturing business, Robern Menz, who will receive $1million to create a Polly Waffle production line.

This will then hopefully create 38 new jobs and will allow the chocolate to return to shelves by early 2021.

There had been a lot of support for the chocolate’s return on social media during its hiatus.

The Facebook group Bring Back The Polly Waffle has over 50,000 likes.

“Finally some good news, ‘ wrote one diehard fan.

Another commenter said: “Wish it was sooner, but great it is creating jobs in SA.”





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